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With more than 200 degrees and certificates available at Collin College, we are confident you will find the pathway that best suits your educational needs. Each pathway is a cluster of similar programs that lead to career-focused workforce programs offered at Collin College. You can start your journey by exploring the Career Pathway links below:



Career Pathways



Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science

Are you a problem solver who wants to make the world better by raising crops in ecological and economical ways? Do you see yourself performing engineering calculations, working as a lab technician, or working in another technical field like cybersecurity? This career pathway is right for you.

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Business, Hospitality, and Global Trade

Business brings the world together, and careers in this pathway focus on different aspects of business operations. Explore everything from starting a business and marketing it through distribution, logistics, and transportation, to specialized fields like hospitality and tourism.

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Construction, Manufacturing, and Applied Technologies

Texas and Collin County are growing at an astounding rate, creating abundant residential and commercial construction opportunities and jobs. Build a better tomorrow and be a leader through a career in this pathway. Check out Collin’s programs in architecture, construction, and manufacturing, including the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Construction Management.

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Creative Arts, Digital Media, and Communication

Visual arts and communication touch every part of our lives, from the ads that sway car buyers to the stories we see online. Make your mark in a fast-growing, fast-moving career field that focuses on multimedia content, performing and visual arts, and journalism. No matter the medium, you’ll learn how to get your message through.

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Help shape young minds and prepare the next generation of leaders with Collin College’s education programs. Prepare to work as a preschool teacher, teacher’s assistant, or childcare provider, or begin pursuing the education necessary to seek teacher certification in Texas through the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degrees for early childhood, middle grades, and high school.

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Health Science

Want to make a difference in people’s health? Choose one of the health sciences programs taught in Collin College’s state-of-the-art labs by nationally recognized faculty. From the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to polysomnographic technology, there is a program to fit your interests and skills.

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Human/Social Services, Law, Public Service, and Public Safety

Explore a career that balances the laws of society with the services that make life better for its citizens in this career pathway. Careers in this pathway range from government and public administration to counseling and public safety.

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Information Technology

Technology and information security are built into modern society. Careers in information technology will put you in a great position to help others while earning a competitive salary in a fast-growing career field. Find information on the related topic of Cybersecurity here and Computer Science here.

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Liberal Arts

Interested in the Texas Core or pursuing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree before transferring to a four-year college or university? Collin College offers a pathway for those as well.

The college also offers Fields of Study, which are carefully selected lists of courses that will transfer to any public university in Texas and apply toward a degree in that field.


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